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Final Rugby Days for 2019

Dear Parents and Players,

Final Friday Rugby Games, Friday July 12th, Delaney Park Strip

Due to a last-minute scheduling conflict that arose, the Canadian players and coaches that were going to run the Coaching clinic/Training on Friday afternoon are unable to attend. This means a change in plans must rapidly be broadcast. To any people that this may inconvenience, we do sincerely and humbly apologize, factors outside organizers control occurred.

Friday July 12th Game and BBQ Schedule:

4:30pm: Great Tee Shirt Giveaway: Team Tee shirts will be handed out. (Please make sure your child is registered on Sports Engine. If your child is not, then Tee shirt cost will be $5.00).  We will have old season tee shirts available for a $1 and some new size 4 balls for $3.

5:00pm-6:00pm: U6, U9 and U12 games.

6:00pm: BBQ- Pot Luck, some drinks have been provided by supporters, Sausages supplied by our wonderful sponsors at Alaska Sausage and Seafood.

Potluck items from parents and supporters.

               U6: Drinks

              U9: Sides

             U12: Desserts

            MS/HS players: supplies: napkins, plates. cups etc

          6:00pm: the MS/HS will play until the younger players are done eating.

We look forward to seeing you there.

PS. We just got notice that the Canadians and some USA star players have offered to host a rescheduled Training Session on Sunday July 14th from 10:00am to 11:00 am. They have some top players and coaches willing to train the U9, U12 and MS/HS players that want to show up at the Delaney Park Strip. Free tee shirts to all!!

PSS There is a great day of rugby at the Mountain Grounds this Saturday, July 13th, Starting at 9:00am, with the girls, Old Boys and then the Alaska All Star team. 19001 Finland St, Anchorage. (Up at the end of Goldenview Road, take a left up the hill, stay right and hit the dirt and keep right till the parking gate at the intersection. Caution it is bumpy and rough. Otherwise go up Potter Heights Drive and come in from the South)

AK All Stars

Missfits Women

9:00 AM


Old Oosiks

Misfits Old

11:00 AM


AK All Stars

Misfits Open Men

1:00 PM


USA Misfits

Canadian Classics

3:30 PM


Coaches, and Board


Spring/Summer Season


The Spring/Summer Season:
Monday May 6th till July 12.

Its "Rugby Time",

The early spring before the surprise snow fall threw some planning things out of kilter but we are back on track again.

We have finally been cleared for the fields in Eagle River and South Anchorage. The ASD  "field hold",  that tipped us into turmoil, which was supposed in place till June 1, has been lifted. We got the go ahead paperwork last Friday. The Park Strip, based on the shared use use agreement with Youth Rugby and the Muni, means we have the fields we need to start the summer season.

High school/Middle School Boys and Girls:
This year our goal is to play 15 a-side-rugby with High school and Middle school players. Therefore because of numbers and the need for specific coaches our plans are to have one central location for practice. Practices for all players over 12 years of age, that are in Middle school or High School, will be at the Delaney Park Strip, on Tuesdays and Wednesday night @ 7:30pm till 9:00pm. Boys and Girls will practice at the same time but practice separately except for fitness training.
The goal this year is to get a 22-25 man squad to the Great Northwest Challenge in Idaho at the end of June. This year, at this time, we except to only take a Boys High School team. That is unless every current player recruits another player and if our numbers are good, our fitness strong  and performance growing in the girls division and U14 divisions, than we can look at taking other teams. (Our girls did so well in the Orlando 7's that we would be thrilled to try and assemble a team)
We will have mixed player teams, that means that Eagle River players will play with South and Central based on the individual players position. The 15's game means players have more specific roles within the game and that requires specific training. That does not mean boys/girls mixed teams or MS/HS mixed teams. There will be a non-contact option for MS/HS age group for those new players.
These games are all non-contact Touch/Flag/Rippa games.

We will have three locations for these age groups, Eagle River @ Alpenglow Elementary School, Delaney Park Strip, 10th/M, and South at Goldenview Middle School. We have not been able to set up a Mountainview @ Davis program at this time.
Practice will be at 6-7pm on Mondays and Wednesday at the South and Central Location. (the 7:00pm finish will allow coaches and Interns to get to the Park Strip for HS/MS practice.
Practice will be at 6:30-7:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesday at the Eagle River Location.
We still do need assistant coaches at these locations, so please if you have coached these age groups before in any sport, or even if you haven't and you want to try, email me immediately to let me know. I have plenty of coaching resources available for you. You must be USARugby  level 100 certified. The certification is not complicated but includes the safe sport requirement. (check the Web page,
The Spring/Summer Season: Monday May 6th till July 12.

Registration will need to be done as soon as  possible. The registration will still be done through SportsEngine until we get a new website set up and USARugby on the same page.

Please register online, the first week we can let people try rugby to see if it is a good fit but new USARugby rules and Insurance requirements mean that all players are required to be registered.

Please email me at or,

Tour Teams Info

Tour team Players and Parents - Please use the Rugby Tours 2019  Page for the latest information.

Donation To Alaska Youth Rugby

To help support a player, team or Alaska Youth Rugby please follow this link:

Safe Sport

Due to the enactment of the Safe Sport Act in Feb 2018 and rugby now falling under the Olympic program all coaches, administrators and those adults who supervise players must have completed the Safe Sport course. We have the link on the Coaches Page.

2018-19 Registration is now open.

There are a number of changes in our format this season

The 2018-19 rugby year

The USARugby year runs from  September 1 through  August 31st of each year. This means that this is the last season in the 18-19 year.

Our play this Spring/Summer will start on May 6th and finish on July 12th.

Wednesday night will be our competition night and  that will start on May 29th, 2019.

Practices will start at 6 :00pm for the U6, U9, U12 teams and run until 7pm that play in Anchorage and 6:30pm-7:00pm

High school and Middle practices are at 7:00pm till  8pm for both girls and boys teams.

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