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Las Vegas Invitational Tournament Touring Team - March 1-4, 2018

Rugby Knowledge Question:


Last Question: Who plays in the Six Nations Tournament? England, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland and Italy
Who won it last? England
What TV company is going to show it live in 2018? NBC Sports


Las Vegas Tour Info

This page will be the source of all information related to The Las Vegas Invitational Rugby Trip .

High School and Middle School players

Thanks to all players who put their effort into the tryouts.
NOTE:!!!   Please remember that practices still occur on Saturday's at Fox Hollow for those who may not be traveling to Vegas.
ALL players are invited to all practices regardless of traveling or not.

It is necessary that all players selected attempt  to be at all practices. Team building starts now and continues to last second of the last game in Vegas. Please remember:
Team Effort: That means how you interact with other team players, it includes consideration, respect and support.
Timelessness: Being on time is must, that means on the practice field, dressed, ready to practice.  Being early shows commitment,
Being late is not acceptable,
Preparedness: Having your water and mouth guard, and wearing it

Remember YOU are now representing ALASKA YOUTH RUGBY on and off the field.

Please check each week for practice times and locations because practice times and locations are going to vary due to space availability

Practice Schedule for the week of:

Monday, Jan 15, 2018 - Sunday Jan 22, 2018

Monday Nights :There IS NO practice this Monday because of MLK day.  Usually: 6:30pm - 8:30pm Fitness, Skills and Plays. All MS/HS Players
 Alaska Airlines Center:
3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage 99508 
(not the big floor- the auxiliary gym on the left side when you walk in from the south

Please do not wear you gym shoes to the gym. Walk in and then get changed
Mouth guards are mandatory

Tuesday Nights : 7:00pm -8:30pm  Weight Room Training,
Service High School: 5577 Abbot Road,  Anchorage 99507
                                               Weight Room (Next to Gym at back of School)


Jan 13 , 2018, Saturday: 7:30am -9:00am -  All MS/HS Players
Fox Hollow Dome: 11801 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, AK 99516
Mouth guards are mandatory
Practice may run to 10:00am if space in Fox Hollow is available.

Important!!!!! : Dress Code: Tee shirts and shorts/sweats are the MANDATORY DRESS CODES for all practices except the weight room training. Long shelves may be worn at contact practices. NO TANK TOPS!!!  

LVI Team Selection

The following lists are the teams selections for the Alaska Youth Rugby Touring teams that will travel to Las Vegas for the LVI:
(All those you play for AKYRC are invited to travel with us for the experience) (I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes)

High School Girls(this includes U14 girls who will have waivers):
Willow Oswald (Co-captain)
Cynthia (Fiki) Fitisemanu (Co-Captain)
Ainsley Fitisemanu
Lehua Fomai
Anastusia (Ana) Faafetai
Lilia Fomai
Sarah Wolf
Afegaitinoti (Afega) Lealaisalanoa
Haley Cary
Jiliane Petersen
Tori Fagasau
Amber Boshears
Alternates are: (the alternates are players who are invited to travel, (though all players who want to travel may do so for the experience) but will only play if one of the top 12 are injured or unable to play.
Aubree Irwin
Grayce  O'Farrell

High School Boys:
Ryan Williams (Captain)
Conner O'Farrell (Vice-Captain)
Conner Lane
Torrin Girard
Tony Perez
Jace White
Alexander Bishop
Elxhin (L-jeen) Rifati
Atlas Faafetai
Noah Asay
Ian Christensen
Tiernan Walters
Alternates are: (the alternates are players who are invited to travel, (though all players who want to travel may do so for the experience) but will only play if one of the top 12 are injured or unable to play.
Marcelo Mendoza
Aanooalii Filaialii

U14 Boys:
Atlas Faafetai (Co-Captain)
Benni Collins (Co-Captain)
Brendan Amiatu-Tanoi (Vice Captain)
Elijah Holland
Robert Wilcox
Zarrion Bridges
Hayden Schropp
Isaia Faga
Josiah (Pierce) Goslin

Please do not stop practicing because your name is not on the squad. Injuries and personal commitments occur that interfere with plans. 

LVI Info

This Alaska Youth Rugby Tour covers a combination of two sporting events;
The Las Vegas Invitational Rugby Tournament (LVI) and The USA Rugby Sevens Tournament (Vegas 7's) .
The LVI is one of the largest amateur rugby events in the USA, having teams at the U14 level to the college and senior teams, both male and female. It involves the 7's game, 10's and the 15's game. It runs from  8:00am Thursday March 1st, till 12:00pm Saturday March 2.
The Las Vegas USA Rugby Sevens is a stop on the International Rugby 7's circuit.  One of the 10 mens' tournaments and normally one of the 6 womens' stop, however because of the Rugby World Cup in San Francisco in July 2018, the women's tournament has been put on hiatus till next year.

The Las Vegas Invitational Tour has its own website:

The USA Sevens Tournament has its own website: